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Thoughts on a balcony

Ever wonder what life would be like if you didn’t have emotion? or maybe a specific emotion more like No Feelings to fall in love? or to even care? ever wonder how your life would be if you could just be a robot.. you’d be able to talk to anyone you want with out falling in love.. hmm sounds amazing huh? being able to not care about a certain person.. being able to not feel anything for them.. yeah sounds great.. then.. you realize.. life would be pointless to not have feelings. you’d just have a cold heart. more like a cold dark heart.. you’d be something you hate.. i guess what i’m trying to say is.. No matter how hard it is to not fall for someone, just remember that your getting closer and closer to that one right person. it takes a couple of wrongs to get to the right.. so when you finally have that right person in front of you.. You’ll APPERCIATE them. well this is just my opinion though..

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Theres never a right time to wonder.. if you should move on.. theres never a right time to know if you should do anything.. we expect so much.. we tend to do everything at the wrong time.. but.. like they say.. if your feeling doubtfull than it’s probably a good chance.. that it’s not working. i’ve never Actually moved on.. i’ve only let go.. because.. when your putting every effort into someone it gets tiring you can’t do everything alone… you can’t help but to tell yourself you’ve done everything you could.. you can’t help but to throw in the flag.. it hurts yes.. but if he/she is not putting effort.. than why should i go the extra mile? feelings go a long way.. but it can’t keep me striving for the person.. i have to have some kind of reassurance to know somethings improving.. tonight.. i’m letting go now. tonight.. is the night i’m finally letting you be free.. you have not gave me one sign one feeling one improvement .. so i now.. am.. going to let you be free..